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Wouldn’t it be easier for you to know the ways to understand whether the rug is hand-woven or machine-made while buying a new rug for your home? To see the difference between the hand-woven rug and machine-made, it will be sufficient to look at the back of the rug. Machine-made rugs are not made by knotting.

Wool fibers are put on the rugs by machine and then the back of the rug is strengthened with latex. This gives the back of the rug a tough texture and a diagonal line.

Creating this design by throwing a knot at a time makes the rug more intricate and therefore it takes a longer time to make such rugs than machine-made rugs.

The result is a higher quality and tighter weave to be provided on it. However, there are many types of hand-woven rugs according to their quality.

Hand Woven area rug best for pets as well

To understand that a rug is a quality hand weaving, it is necessary to look at the quality of the wool. When it comes to consideration many factors take part like length, brightness, and elasticity are very important in the wool fiber. Good knots point to higher quality. The more the number of knots per square centimeter, the more effort is made to make the rug. There are more than 180 hand-knotted cm2 in a well-woven rug. 

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