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Usually when we go to someone’s home, one thing everyone notices are doormats. Placing them in front of your main door gives it a very attractive and clean look. Doormats are antique products. Started from our elders and in trend right now as well. Many people get confused in choosing the best mat for their home. So you must place these factors under consideration while purchasing one for you.

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What material to use

It is always good to choose a rug with a more resistant and non-slip material. Doormat is usually the most common in this regard. In addition, it is a great material for cleaning your feet, which helps to keep the house cleaner, because when you arrive and clean your shoes, the most visible dirt remains on the carpet, keeping the interior more sanitized.

Which color to choose?

Light colors are not recommended, although they are beautiful. The function of the rug is to help keep the house cleaner, so one with white or similar color can keep the dirty appearance constantly. Colors such as brown, gray and red are more recommended, as it does not expose much dirt as time passes.

Difference between others and ours doormat


You can be creative?

It doesn’t have to be just a plain rug. Many stores sell options with phrases, quotes, and even images. There goes from taste to taste. Generally houses with younger residents usually put up with phrases apologizing for drinks, barbecues, and parties. In more familiar homes, a simple “welcome” adds a positive touch.

Size matters?

It makes no sense to buy a 3 for 1 rug as your door is smaller. The ideal size is to always keep the sides of the door left, as shown in the image at the beginning. So it does not give an exaggerated touch, drawing too much attention to the rug. Remember that carpets that are too small can be bad for cleaning your feet.

The best high quality doormat under feets

The doormat can be something very simple and meaningful. Whether at the entrance to a house or an apartment, it is a differential presented from the beginning. For the maintenance or cleaning of rugs, please click at How to Clean a Rug in 5 Simple Steps.

ColorMulti-Color, all colors are available
SizeDefault doormat size.
Material/QualityAnti-Shed & Fade Material. Gentle comfortable touch especially to your pets’ paws
Best PlacingIn front of your front door

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