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When I was a kid I used to crawl everywhere. My mom worries about me because our floor was very rough and it looks ugly as well. One day mom just bought a rug for our living room and that just transforms everything. From that day since now rugs are love. For me, as a kid, these rugs were super comfortable and the best part is that they were easily cleanable. I still remember that was a Persian rug as well.

The only place where we spend a half period of our life is our home, we always try to make it look as good as possible. People want to make their place look grand and luxurious, placing a Persian rug is the best way of making your home attractive. whenever anyone visits your home they notice your floor the most so it must be decored with a beautiful rug, to increase comfort level and beauty.

persian rug in living room

Persian Abstract Modern Area Rug

Persian rugs are always very creative in the sense of design and by these is meant Abstract. Such rugs are mostly preferred when it comes to your home. Placing these beautiful pieces in your rooms will definitely make it the best looking and most attractive one. As well as because of its quality it will be super luxurious for you to walk or even sit on it. People used to place rugs in living rooms mostly as this is the place they spent most of their time with family and friends. Many of them also get confused when it comes to placing their rugs on the floor.

abstract modern persian rug under the table

If you are a pet lover and you have some pets as well then trust me this is the best surprise you can give them. All pets including Dogs, Cats, etc love to walk and sleep on rugs because rugs are very comfortable especially this one. Whenever the pet feels cold he/she loves to be in a warm place just like us and I must tell you this rug is the best to make them warm in any season because of its quality. Dogs & Cats are especially are one of the pets who love to walk as well as sleep on rugs.


Everything comes with multiple features nowadays, thus this amazing rug also has a bunch of features which are related to quality, design, placing, colors, size and we have explained all of these for you to make it easy for you to choose which size of rug you want to buy and do let us know in the comments which feature you liked the most.


When it comes to placing the rug in the living room or bedroom or any other place, the size plays a major role. You need to decide the size accordingly when it comes to placing the rug on the floor. I must tell you that this product comes with all the required size which means you can easily purchase a rug according to your place whether its a bedroom, kid room or even living room you’ll get this product in all sizes here.

  • 2×3 can be used in the bathroom
  • 2×7 can be used as a doormat.
  • 4×5 is placed in the kitchen.
  • 5×7 used in bedrooms.
  • 6×9 placed in the living room.
  • 8×11 mostly in living rooms or dining rooms.
  • 9×12 is the maximum size placed on any large floor.

abstract modern rug on a floor


The most important thing when it comes to choosing a rug for your home is the quality of the rug. Persian rugs are mostly handmade rugs, the quality reflects when you experience its effect in your home. These rugs are made using super soft fibers that is why it feels super comfortable to walk or sit on them. Persian area rugs are mostly antique in the market as of their high demand. Mostly people use to buys these rugs when there’s a sale, but this product will definitely surprise you with its quality and price.


In the case of color, people usually want to get a rug that matches with their area or place where they are planning to place the rug. In our case, this product comes with a bunch of colors, so there is no need to worry about color. You’ll get the best color according to your place and it’ll definitely increase the beauty of your home.

avaiablr persian rug features


Everyone loves things that are easy to maintain. Persian rugs have a creative design that is very easily maintainable, you just need to vacuum it if you are feeling that it’s dirty and eventually it will be super clean. What if you find dirt or marks on the rug? how we can clean them? The answer to this question is you can simply use a mild soap or simply use water to remove it. This product is the best when it comes to maintenance and cleaning a rug.


  • Easy to Maintain
  • Super Soft Fiber
  • Creative Design
  • Affordable Price


  • Should vacuum it regularly
  • You need to clean the stains using mild soap and water.


What Do People say about Abstract Modern Persian rug on Amazon?

The product is absolutely perfect, exactly what I thought and I must say that this rug totally affordable at this little price. I am in love with the textures on it as well as it matched exactly with my place and I wasn’t sure about it. Very pleased to have a durable and high-quality rug at my place.


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